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The MyGroundBiz online portal is one of the most useful and the most reliable online portals for anyone who wants to send something from one country to another or who wants to dispatch some parcel to someone abroad. There are various options available on this portal. One of the most exclusive and best features you can get on this portal is the live tracking of your parcel.

MyGroundBiz Contact Details

To contact FedEx in case of any issue, you can use the following contact details:

Dial FedEx headquarters: 901-369-3600

FedEx Email: FedEx Corporation, 3610 Hacks Cross Road, Memphis, TN 38125

MyGroundBiz is an online portal where registered users are provided various services. Live tracking of the parcel is most loved and the most significant among all the services. The portal was launched specifically for people connected to Ground Biz FedEx and for users who have a valid MyGroundBiz Account.

FedEx initiated its journey 46 years ago in 1971 and became known as the Federal Express Corporation. They started their journey as a small firm and today they lead in the market.

After officially becoming an independent FedEx service provider, they introduced an online portal termed asĀ  MyGroundBiz. This portal helps you obtain various details regarding the company and the service in one place.

We hope you have all the details to register, register, and use this MyGroundBiz registration portal. For more details, contact your MyGroundBiz Login customer support representative at the number 1-800 – 435 – 7647 only during business hours. You can contact them from Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 12 AM and Saturday (Eastern Time) from 7 AM to 2 PM.

What is MyGroundBiz? Many people are still unknown on this portal, so we have explained each and every detail about this portal in our article.