MyGroundBiz has tried its best to design this portal extremely friendly and secure for each and every customer to use. If you are facing issues while accessing the MyGroundBiz Login portal, you can easily contact GroundBiz customer support during working hours. The customer support of this portal always tries their best to help you out.

MyGroundBiz Portal Requirements

Some of the basic requirements that you need to take care of while accessing the portal are as follows:

  • An electronic device through which you can access the online portal.
  • A stable and good internet connection.
  • Your user ID and account password.
  • Few minutes from your precious time.

The MyGroundBiz account is part of, which contains all the necessary details that can be accessed after you register on this portal.

Type in your browser’s address bar to get the latest news and general details about the portal. MyGroundBiz offers you videos of the success story, company news, links to dealers, and a page where the user can buy and sell vehicles.

MyGroundBiz is an online portal that is affiliated to FedEx where users can sign in to get the latest news and details about all providers, billing, and delivery for a specific company.

Uses Of MyGroundBiz Login Portal

The MyGroundBiz account is for authorized and registered members who have the business relations FedEx Ground. When you’re ready to join FedEx Ground Services, you can join one of the following websites:

Pickup and Delivery (R&D): You can start as an R&D employee. In case, you have a delivery and pickup to the FedEx center, it will help. You can also facilitate factors like transportation from the destination station and deliver the same to commercial and residential recipients.

Linehaul: By signing up as a Line Haul member, you can transport FedEx Ground trailers by road from one station to another, or from the center to center. Thus, it can be said that MyGroundBiz Account has simplified the life of the users to a great extent.